LPT: Check on your friends who just had a baby. Ask if they need company, or anything, really. Keep calling them to social events, even if they are unable to attend for a good few months. Their routine has abruptly changed, hence most "friends" just vanish.

This was one of the hardest parts of becoming a dad. My friends just didn’t get it. I even lost some partly to me becoming a dad. I felt insanely lonely for some time. And I know they had this idea I was “sending them off” cause I “never want to go out hangout”. They just don’t know how life changes. And at the time I lived across town. Leaving my kids to go drink and mess around then either pay too much to get home, crashing on a couch, or being dumb and deciding to drive just didn’t make sense anymore. I gotta be with my family. I’m glad things got easier and the loneliness has changed to being around people who love me. Still working on making new friends who get that my new life is the only one I’d choose, and that I’m happy with it that way.

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