LPT request- My dad hasn't taught me anything other than you should make money & respect others

It really depends. If it’s a routine traffic stop and you know you messed up, you’re probably better off just being honest. I can’t tell you how many times a “I’m sorry, sir. No excuses, I had a lapse in judgement” got me just a warning.

For anything more serious? Keep your mouth closed. You’re not getting off with a warning for it regardless. Not to mention more serious crimes usually require more evidence to convict than a traffic violation. Talking is only going to give them more evidence, and they’re experts on deciphering lies and putting words in your mouth. You can (and should) still be polite about it—“I’m sorry, sir. I will need to speak to my lawyer before answering any of your questions.” And then just ignore all their threats or pleadings, as they are permitted (and usually do) to lie to you.

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