154 words LPT request- My dad hasn't taught me anything other than you should make money & respect others 156 words LPT Request: How to overcome fear of getting blood drawn? 254 words LPT: Treat children like people. Give them choices and respect. The will do the same to others. 132 words LPT: Start a "Make Life 1% Better" Fund 315 words LPT: Some of your friends need to be explicitly invited to stuff 401 words LPT request: is 30 young enough to turn life around after a brutal meth addiction? 184 words LPT: Take a few days to familiarize yourself with a spreadsheet app (e.g., MS Excel, Google Sheets). The uses are endless for school, the office, life, and other people will think you're a wizard. 203 words LPT: If you find a faster way to do something at your work, keep it a secret from your manager. 154 words LPT: Always remember; no reaction IS a reactiom. 295 words LPT: If a job won’t tell you the wage before the interview, leave. If they don’t tell you, then it’s not a wage you’d be able to take. And they know it. They want you to invest all your time and energy interviewing so when they lowball you, you fall victim to the fallacy of sunk costs. 167 words LPT Request: Is there a way to become warm and bubbly person? 157 words LPT: Check on your friends who just had a baby. Ask if they need company, or anything, really. Keep calling them to social events, even if they are unable to attend for a good few months. Their routine has abruptly changed, hence most "friends" just vanish. 171 words LPT request: how to get up in the right time? 118 words LPT: Get a Prenup. It is far easier to decide how materials and custody should be divided while both parties are on good terms. It'll save you both a lot of time and money. 179 words LPT: One of the biggest mistakes you could make when trying to climb any company’s ladder is believing that your skill, talent, and work ethic will be noticed and rewarded. More often than not, the only thing holding you back is keeping your mouth shut. 115 words LPT: PLEASE HELP 142 words LPT: If you're at an event where alcohol is served and you observe someone who isn't drinking, don't ask them why. They could very well be an alcoholic in recovery. 140 words LPT: After you graduate high school, you probably have about 20-30 years of ever visiting with your parents again. And most of those will be short visits, meaning that you probably have less than a year left of time together, cumulatively. If you have a good relationship, cherish that time together. 140 words LPT: Need a house warming gift idea? A Fire Extinguisher 190 words LPT: You don't owe a company anything. You're selling your time to them, not visa versa. You don't need an explanation to take a day off. If the company is under scheduled, that's on them. Live your best life.