LSPL team Qiao Gu place 3rd in Demacia Cup.

Doinb i have no idea where he comes from, if kr soloq or bench in any big kr team... but it seems he's better than even hawk-baeme-cherish... and i'm not talking about his kda, or that he looks good because QG is good, the guy is REALLY promising, mostly his attitude and confidence of a world champion player, the only kr midlaner in China doing better than him is Rookie, probably. I love watching him play because of the details, the way he kills the blue buff, how he ward-jump with katarina, how he dodges skill shots, he's just really good, could be one of the best in the future. He replaced borisal a month ago, in the new year break, so we still gotta see more of them.

V is a toplaner that shouldve got into LPL long time ago. When SHRC rebuilt the team with Insec-zero, they shouldve invited V already that time (cola was in KX.c, V in KX.h). He was almost as good as Flandre last split (flandre was MVP of the whole lspl split), but his style is far from being as flashy as flandre/Carrmyteam, V can have amazing matches with Irelia-Gnar-lissandra but is actually a stable player that play tanks and what else the team need, bit of Acorn's style. He got my attention in s4 first lspl split because of a quadrakill with shyvana, he's a balanced player, talanted, mature. He with Amazingj-Carry-Skye-Flandre formed a interesting group of 5 top laners to watch in LSPL.

Also, good to point out that TNT was a top5 adc in China during that time, when uzi-weixiao-kid-namei were all playing, namei at his peak (much better than any adc atm). TNT was single-handedly carrying this team, sometimes outplaying the best adcs in the world mostly with ez-vayne, and saved LMQ from relegation in the last week. He's a veteran, past his peak but still can roll and face the top adcs.

Also, their coach is Hiro, ex WE.

This team is like a VG.s that worked. VG.s got their lspl super team with Carry-Eimi-Cherish-TNT-300 and tabe as coach. But in 2 weeks the carries were already benched for some bizarre reason, and it all went downhill. Hiro didn't break the team, but actually improved a lot with Doinb and the teamwork/communication. While V-tnt are 2 of my favorite players all time, can't help but love this team, even mor is having better roam/engages by the time...

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