Lucis tools and you.

Here it is. A lot of you probably can't do it this way and/or probably won't like it but this is how I got the 7/8 tools:


HQ Shark Fin Soup

468 Base Craftsmanship or close with FC buff (I didn't use).

524 Total Craftsmanship

355 Base CP preferably.

372 Total CP preferably. 368 will work.

HQ mats preferbably. I was working with 400+ starting quality most of the time.

NQ mats can still yield 80%-100% quality if RNG gods are sacrificed to.

The high Craftsmanship is to get CSII to do 74 progress without Ing/IngII. You need 222. 74 + 74 + 74 = 222.

Most of the rotation (as a macro because it can't vary unless WN is changed):

After those two macros are done, the IQ stacks will be at 10 if no Hasty Touch has failed. If it is at 9 or 8, it's still salvageable with a good on Byregot's. At this point, see what the CP looks like and manually finish the craft from there. Use Innovation, Observe, and possibly Ing/IngII to try to get a good before Byregot's. You don't need to have gotten a ToT proc to use Byregot's but you'll need at least one to use both Innovation and Observe if you have 372 CP. You'll need two procs if you aren't capped on CP. After Byregot's, finish with a CSII.

ARM is the hardest to do because it's the only craft that can't use Ing/IngII for extra quality because of the lack of additional slots. You definitely want HQ Ferberite.

As a closing, this may not be the best rotation but since RNG is heavily reliant on these crafts, I just decided to do it this way. I like this rotation because it takes out all of the guesswork on CP. I've tried multiple manual rotations with HQ Bouillabaisse and while I can still manage to HQ them pretty easily, it's such a headache and I'm prone to mess up quite a bit or run out of CP because of RNG.

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