Mail call. James "stormtrooper" chapter.

No I’m just a fabricator and I know what goes in the shit like that not just motorcycle parts or airplane parts I fucked around with knives hatchets and other shit like that and I just know how incredibly difficult it is and the only reason I even know who he is is because I’m originally from Washington state right across the border from Portland. Most knives are just too expensive. I either Carry my Kershaw Martin zing “tactical” 3.0 or the same Gerber 06 fast that I carried in the military, Which sat next to the watch box most of the time because while still sharp it’s just a little bit bulky. A little slower. I just think that team of guys design and make amazing shit. That’s all that needed to be said. These are tools. Every day tools. This forum reminds me a lot of the Bmx forum is back in the day where everybody would buy shiny new shit and never use it and then try to sell it and get about half as much as they paid for it. I’ll see you guys around happy hunting

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