Major blasts cashier

That man had Bananas for hands and looked similar to Wesley Snipes from Blade. When I was going through SoI I ran into him a few times. I was stuck in Guard force for a couple of months because I decided to check in early like a good marine, what a mistake that was. I ended up on the color guard and one of the dumbasses we were marching with tripped over his boot and almost dropped the base flag. SgtMajor Vines happened to be standing by that morning. We got our asses chewed out for 45 minutes. I watched him chew out this Guard SGT like a PFC one time because he started to walk out of a building without his cover, even though there was cover because of how the walkways worked in those barracks. Turns out we had a Marine on an OP (don't remember why) but another boot decided to jump on him while he had a rifle with live ammo and the Day-Walker saw him. I drew a picture of him one time while in class because I finished this test early and my 0352 instructors though it was hilarious, they held on to it for a bit.

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