Man who called the President “midget parasite” is main organiser of mass anti-charges rally

Small Statement issued by Derek Earlier

I think i may have killed the president oh no i just called him a midget parasite at a protest. This was an attack on democracy apparently. Was such an attack it brought all our politicians out of the woodwork. You remember the very same politicians who had nothing to say when they were asked rather simple questions like how they were affected by Austerity. But is was worth noting that Leo "The Mouth" Varadkar the politician with so much to say about everything bar his portfolio came out today to condemn me. Leo the best thing you could have done was keep your big mouth shut , roll up your sleeves and deal with the many problems within our hospitals. Remember those people forced to lie on trolleys and sit on floors while they wait for treatment in our 3rd world hospitals. Our Glorious Leader Enda "Gobshite" Kenny a man with so little to say had a lot to say today. Just it was all about the comments and the Language used by myself. Enda Kenny oddly enough a Leader who has been known to throw around racist comments felt the need to talk about me in the Dail. I am sure the 1,000s of families that are suffering under his Austerity regime are insulted that he deemed their plight as a lesser problem. Who wants to know about these families, or the ones who are facing Eviction or the ones that have been thrown into hostels to live amongst Drug addicts ? Certainly not Enda, Sure that would me he would have to show Leadership. Something he is incapable of doing. A Leader shows Leadership ,Enda is a Puppet Politician and today there was no one in Europe with their hand up his arse and instruct him what needs to be done. John Lyons (Finglas Labour TD) Has not been seen in Finglas since his election. He turns up for photo shoots then does a Houdini act. So John what evidence have you got to say that the people of Finglas are appalled by the protest on Friday ? Irish Politicians today showed themselves up they gathered up the media and set about a campaign against an ordinary citizen who passed comments in the heat of the moment. The Language was a disgrace they said. Where was the rent a mob mentality when a Paul Gogarty TD said FUCK YOU in the Dail ? What about Charlie Flanagan using the word CUNT on Twitter ? Or how about our Now president Michael D Higgins using the word WANKER on the right hook show to describe Michael Graham ? Yes today the media was used to distract you all from another day of inaction by the parasitic politicians that inhabit Leinster house. The Fact the media is focusing on me today is a great indication that they are terrified of the turnout this weekend. Was disgusted to hear Paul Murphy say i should apologise. This is the same clown who said he was elected to break the law. Paul you were elected to fight water charges not break the law. Keep your opinions to yourself. We will ask the people of Ireland to decide this Weekend by taking to the streets of Ireland and send a message to those who have sold them out

Derek Byrne

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