"The Word of Crota" raid hand cannon seriously needs a buff.

I have four hand cannons I use regularly now. Word of Crota rings in at number three, which is extremely disappointing. I was looking more forward to this gun than any other gun in the game, ever. My rankings are absent any type of burn for Nightfall/Weekly:

1) The Chance - Outlaw, Field Scout and Final Round. This gun has the best combination of everything when rolled with the first two percs mentioned. It was my best roll post-dlc and used more than any gun I have picked up since the 331 era. It basically takes the issues with Timur's Lash and WoC, and mitigates them. It has just the right rate of fire and damage/impact, making it a jack-of-all-trades hand cannon.

2) Timur's Lash - Outlaw, Field Scout and Third Eye. I re-rolled this gun so many times and ended up with my second favorite possible combo. This thing is the "Raging Bull" of hand cannons. Slow rate of fire, but hits like a hammer. Besides areas with a very high-density of enemies, this outperforms WoC most times.

3) Word of Crota - You know the percs. This gun shreds in the VoG, but mainly because it is void and the Praetorians/Minotaurs have no critical hit spots. The rate of fire is wonderful, but not too fast as to inhibit critical shots. Unfortunately, the gun just seems to fall a little short of doing enough damage. I frequently have an enemy at just a hair of life left, something that the two aforementioned guns would have no problem with dispelling. It is a really fun gun in general, but unless it is the VoG or a void burn thing, I am not using it for practicality.

4) Fatebringer - You know the percs. This gun will always be my pre-dlc favorite. It is great for trash mobs and arc burn, but unfortunately, it is inhibited by its 300 max damage. Yes, normal mode raid and level 30 content still has it shredding, but when doing the top content in the game, it is also missing that same "umph" that WoC has issues with.

In short, WoC getting a slight increase to damage and reload speed would vault it to the top of this list, which is sad because as the HM raid Crota-drop hand cannon, it should be clearly ahead of all of these. Disappointing to say the least for my favorite gun type.

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