Why many people can not take this sub seriously. From an interested skeptic who has lurked for months.

I'm so average it hurts, 30, and wish I had enough time to myself to try BEING lonely for a change, so I felt compelled to say something.

Firstly - well. Yes. The 'tulpa harming the creator' thing admittedly annoys me too, because - I think it implies that something hasn't been thought through before design. A tulpa is just - a person. Do normal lash out unless something is going badly wrong? Of course not. So there's something in the relationship that hasn't been well worked out. That isn't how it should be, and it puzzles me that it happens so often. A tulpa is a sentient being who is your friend, ostensibly. Treat them like any other person. HOWEVER that in itself perhaps helps people to learn how to deal with people generally, if they talked things through with their tulpa. Clearly something large has gone wrong in the process but that doesn't mean it's unrescueable - just that learning about communication is required by both parties. So it's an opportunity for development which is a really good reason to straight-up make a tulpa in the first place - so two parties can learn. And when parties are mutually learning sometimes it goes wrong. But that actually isn't my experience of the average long-term 'mancer and the ones who stay here for more than five minutes.

Likewise I think having a relationship with a tulpa to the exclusion of relationships with physical people is a bad thing in and of itself, although having a relationship with a tulpa is not. Again, they're a person. It happens. The problem IMO is when people make out like it's their only interest in life. Nobody should define themselves by their romantic relationship, no matter who the partner. That's the problem, to my eyes.

And - everyone's experience of everything is subjective. Personally, I'm not asking you to like, accept or validate my experiences. No offence, not personal, but I don't really mind if you think I'm insane. That doesn't invalidate my experiences. It just means yours are different to mine and as long as neither hurts the other or anyone else, I don't mind you disagreeing with me, as long as you leave me alone. I don't need validation from people. I come here to talk to people who share my experiences sometimes, not to have people who don't explain why I am right or wrong. Outsiders' perspectives don't really interest me and I am sure I am in the minority - validation seems to be a big issue - but personally...huge shrug

There are many links floating around for people who are interested about historical figures with tulpae, psychological reasoning for them, for the, er, 'serious' 'mancer. But yes, I concede, there are always going to be new people who sound a bit mad. I'm sure I was, once. But...goodness, not even sure where I'm going with this. I guess - there is study for people who are 'serious' and in the meantime we all have to tolerate and guide the new people just like in any walk of life.

If people were kinder and more open minded, happy to leave each other to enjoy their lives without judging, provided they're harming no-one, we wouldn't have this problem, I suppose. That's society for you. :/

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