Married parents of Reddit, who did having children change the dynamic of your relationship with your spouse?

I felt a deeper bond with my husband. When each of our daughters were born, I remember looking at him holding them and thinking, we made this! I felt closer, which I didn't think was possible. It made me love him more, in some way. As they've grown, we've become a great team. I love watching him parent our girls. I'm constantly reminded that he's the best decision I've ever made.

Of course having children changes your life dramatically. We spent our 20's having fun, traveling, doing whatever we wanted. And it was great. In our 30's we had our girls, and everything was different. I didn't just love him for me, the way he took care of me, how much he cared for me. I loved him for our kids. I'm in awe of how much he loves them, and how they love him. I'm proud that he's a fantastic father, proud that his girls and I always come first. Happy when he makes them laugh, and thankful that he's the kind of guy that will pick up the slack when I need him to. He always steps up to the plate, and I'm grateful.

We have to make time for ourselves and plan things, whereas before we were very spur of the moment. We had to remind ourselves that now that we had kids, we still had to make time for us as a couple. That's really important. You can sometimes forget you're not just mom and dad.

I guess lastly, we felt like more like partners. We are in this together, and we have to make decisions not just for us, but for our family.

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