Me [26 M] with my SO [00 F] However long, What was your worst relationship?

My worst relationship was 4 years. It really should have ended at 2. Up until year 2 he was on good behaviour. Then we got into arguments. When I would say "I don't like when you say x to me", he would respond with "well I didn't like when you did x thing 2 months ago" and would get mad at me and yell. Pretty much deflected everything, and he just kept doing things and saying things that were hurtful. He would makes plans with me and my family to have dinner then bail at the last minute. He would accuse me of cheating on him with men and women alike. He would stop contacting me for days, leaving me feeling unimportant. He would also make mean subtle comments about my body or what I was wearing. He would tell me that the things I said were awkward and make me feel insecure about speaking my mind.

Me, being stupid and 20, didn't know about a lot of flags, because my parents divorced when I was young and I hadn't seen any healthy relationships ( neither of my parents never dated again until quite recenly). Eventually he said some things while drunk that I felt were out of line, so I broke it off.

I still have issues due to this stuff. I'm still afraid to talk to my current SO about stuff that I don't like, because I am afraid of being yelled at (I'm working on it, and I'm really truly blessed that my current SO is so patient). I am also much less out going than I used to be, and much more afraid to speak to people.

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