Me (29F) and my boyfriend (35M) got into an argument tonight, I ended up on the ground. Wondering if this should be the last straw?

A man shouldn’t ever get that physical with a woman, I’m in no way saying that was ok cause it wasn’t but you shouldn’t have kept going at him and blocking him either. Neither one of you was right in this situation, more him than you for sure but I can’t say you didn’t do anything wrong either. Trapping is a sure way to make someone angry and panic, it’s a very toxic behavior. The way you acted would have frustrated me as well especially if I’m being woken up after work when I’m tired. The relationship sounds completely toxic on both sides. You require a lot of attention, he doesn’t have the personality for it. You are both better off without each other because it sounds like you’re both bringing out negative qualities in this relationship.

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