Me [40 F] with my BF [40 M] together 6 years, will he ever marry me?

I have a very personal answer to this question.

Im 43m. Me and the woman I love had been together over 6 years (must be the magic number for wanting marriage).

About a month ago she broke it off and im heartbroken. The biggest reason she gave is that I wouldn't step up to the plate and it makes her feel like im not happy and/or I think shes not good enough.

Ive known she wanted it for about 6 months. I was very worried because tbh even though I loved her dearly, I wasn't fully happy. And I was so scared of making a life changing mistake because my fear.

Next thing I knew, shes done.

Ive also asked for help here (deleted the questions though cause I tend to do that sorry). I got alot of great responses and I wish id did it earlier because this community made me realize something.

Its most likely too late for me now. But heres what I learned. And i think females somehow just automatically know this. Tell this to your man if you truly think you guys are meant to be and I hope he gets it before its too late.

Life will never be all happy. No one person will ever be able to do that for another. When I used to think about marriage it was in terms of "happily ever after". And that's not realistic. Marriage is more about the "better or worse part". The best we can do is find someone to care for and who cares for us. Because if you have that, it makes the "better" BEST. and the "worse" just a little bit easier. Because none of us will ever be happy "ever after" Life works us over good with alot of ups and downs. If you have someone your in love with to be at your side through those times its probably a great feeling. But Im sorry to say I still don't know.

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