They no longer spray kids with DDT, and I don't know of any examples where a place that fluoridates has stopped.

LOL - Hundreds of cities have stopped fluoridating, here ya go: "COMMUNITIES WHICH HAVE REJECTED FLUORIDATION SINCE 1990"

There is no Big Fluoride, you are just paranoid. Seems pretty lazy and simplistic to imply that. As Far as "Big Fluoride" specifically that does not exist, but selling Fluoride to municipalities is a huge money-maker at the expense of the taxpayer. Chemical industries would love to make money on something they have to pay to dispose of.

Look at how things happened in Portland!
1st a business coalition met with Mayor Sam Adams and in a city council meeting they decided to fluoridate the water in Portland beginning 30 days from that date. 2nd People were outraged this did not come to a vote so they petitioned the City Council. They required 10,000 signatures to put it up to a vote in 4 days time. In 1 day they had 60,000 signatures and it was decided it would be put to a vote. 3rd Portland became bombarded with local news articles and stories where people promoted fluoride without any real facts or evidence just "we really should" In response Clean Water Portland was created and in reviewing all the articles and stories which came out the comments were nearly entirely Anti-Fluoride and angry at the fluoride advertisements. People rallied together and put out the facts about pollution, dental health and toxicity and the main salient point - it shouldn't be ingested. 4th 78% of the city voted No.

And 50 YEARS with no issues with such a huge population is proof itself. Lives are getting longer not shorter. Some knock off fake news release anti-floride site isn't going to change my mind, same with random youtubes. Cherry picking from studies doesn't do anything but muddy the narrative.

Sorry for my inconvenient facts but "No Issues" is obviously false. "Lives are getting longer not shorter" LOL - You're going to tell me it's because of Fluoride? I am trying really hard not to be insulting or disrespectful here - I am 100% certain Fluoride has nothing to do with the general increase in life expectancy. It definitely has to do with completely different factors. "Some knock off fake news release anti-floride site isn't going to change my mind.." I completely agree that nobody can change your mind - only you can, I respect individual mental sovereignty in its entirety and I completely understand how beliefs evolve - only when you feel the evidence around you is compelling enough will you change you mind and only for yourself. I am only trying to point out that you might be placing value on evidence that does not really exist or is an assumption.

There are similar sites/videos that deny the holocaust. It doesn't make them true.

It's not about the videos Intent it's about the videos content - I don't recommend following an idea just because there is a video for it. I'm asking you to hear, read or see on video information from there you can use the information to make a claim about it's validity. Instead of arguing about the method used to receive information - what is the information itself? What parts of it do you agree with and why specifically?

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