I couldn't even find this article except for on tinfoil hat sites.

So you did find it or you didn't find it? Which site are you referring to?

Chankanka O, et al. (2011). Longitudinal associations between children’s dental caries and risk factors. Journal of Public Health Dentistry 71(4):289-300. This is behind a paywall and isn't even about flouridation.

So you didn't read it? It is about fluoridation. I'm wondering if you don't recognize the word "Caries" This is a common mistake - "Caries" is another word for Cavities.

Hong L, Levy S, Warren J, Broffit B. (2006). Dental caries and fluorosis in relation to water fluoride levels. ADEA/AADR/CADR Conference, Orlando Florida, March 8-11, 2006. I'm not sure why this would qualify as proof.

You're not sure so you don't know? Are you saying that the goal of research is to "become proof"? Do you understand that the research is following the scientific method and do you understand what the scientific method is?

Beltran ED, et al. (2010) Prevalence and Severity of Dental Fluorosis in the United States, 1999-2004. Twenty-three percent of persons aged 6-49 had dental fluorosis in 1999-2004. Approximately 2% had moderate dental fluorosis and less than 1% had severe dental fluorosis.

Is this the one you are not sure about? If so why?

If you have time and would like to follow through on your reasoning let me know, but without any reasons, evidence or anything to validate your claims on against peer-reviewed research studies you aren't making any kind of argument here.

Are you feeling bad about the information you don't like? Is it different from what you have always been told or always believed and you're realizing to properly make a judgment on this you need to take the time to do the research? It's okay a lot of people are really busy with their families, lives, work etc. What I see is someone who doesn't feel right about what I'm showing you because the personal or social implications. "I was wrong am I dumb? The things I was told weren't true, how can I trust people" I am not trying to call you out or hurt you and to be honest I bet nobody else is reading our queries other than me and you. I don't have anything against you personally nor do I want to paint a picture of the world as an awful place. It is what it is.

You can write me off and move on but if you ever have the opportunity to vote on fluoride, hold off til you can look in the mirror and truly tell yourself that despite all the evidence and official announcements from the ADA, FDA and CDC that Fluoride should never be ingested - that we should put fluoride in our tap water. Also ask yourself, even if it is safe - should we still do it? 95% of the tapwater use doesn't even become drinking water, it's used for other purposes - purposes where fluoride causes damage reliably and repeatedly. Why not save our tax money and refrain from fixing something that is definitely not broken - with something people are telling you is harmful and unhealthy and are able to provide evidence for these claims.

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