Why Has Medicine Been So Slow To See the Benefits of Fasting?

So. Whenever I read these, it usually comes from people who are never in medical careers, or in patient facing jobs.

People underestimate how much other people resist a doctor’s advice. You tell them to lose weight, fat phobic. You tell them to eat less, promoting eating disorder. Tell them to take their medications that are life saving, they’re pushing pills or wanting to make money. Most GPs/PCPs genuinely want their patients to get better. Yes they make money off of them, but they will have patients even if the patients are healthy.

People don’t want to adopt these ideas. People don’t want to eat better. People don’t even want to take their meds, stop smoking, start exercising.

I’m just giving a viewpoint into what it’s like trying to actually help and treat patients. It’s NOT as easy as “oh do this and it’ll make you better” - those patients are few and far between.

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