New Year’s Resolution & Beginner’s Megathread!

Age: 44 Gender: Female Height: 5’4 SW: 337lbs CW: 300lbs GW: 150lbs

Not doing a specific weight loss plan, IF 15-9 and keeping calories below 1,520 per day.

Hi Fine people

I was just looking for a bit of advice, started IF and low calories diet at beginning of Jan and have already seen an improvement on many fad diets I’ve been on.

I am looking to perhaps extend the fasting period, which the majority of the time is overnight, i was wondering if there was much of an impact changing to a longer period.

Currently my day looks like this

Breakfast aprox 9.30am Snack : 10.45 Lunch 12.30 Afternoon snack: 2.30 Dinner: 18.00

I am thinking that it might make sense to skip breakfast and morning snack and just eat from lunchtime onwards... Is anyone doing this?

I’d like to work my way to OMAD, but psychologically this is quite a big step and i would rather work towards it than jump straight in and sabotage myself.

Any advice most welcomed

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