[Mega-Event] Wildfire

Rhaella felt the windows vibrate and fell out of her chair. She heard the screams of the wounded, and she saw the chaos that followed. But she didn't feel anything until Prince Viserys Targaryen ran through the door. "Mom, what's going on?" He was sobbing, and she saw that he was injured. A bruise had fell on his cheek.

And that was when Rhaella snapped out of her daze, she gripped Viserys by the hand and charged down the stairs. The boy was only 5 years old, and wailing. But she would not die, not here, not in the chaos that followed. Her hair had finally been restored to its full length, its silky, silver luscious locks were now being covered in soot.

The commonfolk that passed her did not stop to talk to their queen, none of them cared about royal blood. They cared about their lives, their children, their homes. She soon reached the docks, which was very quickly emptying in the chaos. But the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms did not falter, could not falter. One of the few remaining ships was boarding, fast.

She was the blood of the dragonlords of old. Old Valyria ran through her veins, but she could not be Queen Rhaella Targaryen. Instead, she put on a Lyseni accent. "Where's this ship heading?" She asked the captain, a burly, tall man with a missing ear. He eyed the two suspiciously, a mother still dressed in her night clothes and a half-crying boy.

"Gulltown, but we ain't taking people who can't pay for their way. These are tryin' times, honey." He spit on Viserys, who stood in utter shock and disgust.

Rhaella's fury built up into her, she was ready to open her mouth and let the seven hells spill out. Does he know who we are?! But she bit her tongue, Aerys had taught her how to do that. Instead, the Queen stepped closer to the captain, letting go of Viserys's hand and putting her hands on his chest.

"I can pay for my passage." She said seductively, her fingers dancing on his chest. The captain was quite pleased and then addressed some shiphands. "A'right, load these two onto the ship. Escort the kid to the belowdecks and her-" He jerked a thumb to the Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men and continued. "Escort her to my quarters."

[M: Rhaella takes Viserys and flees King's Landing in the chaos following the explosion.]

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