People who drive 'sleepers', what's your best, "so this guy in a ________ pulled up next to me at a light..." story?

How do you tell a street race story without implicating yourself?

Back in ~2001 I had an Eagle Talon that was running 12's in a town full of people who had no idea that an Eagle Talon could run 12's.

One night I was out for a cruise (up and down the main strip through town, so much fun, haha) and I noticed an SN95 Mustang and an LT1 Camaro heading out of town. I knew the previous owner of the Camaro and I knew it was fairly quick and I assumed that the Mustang was going to be quick as well. As soon as I saw that they were headed out of town I followed just to watch the street race.

When we all got out to a straight road far out of town the Mustang pulled over and I pulled up next to him and asked him if they were planning to race (more to just talk cars than a question, they were definitely planning to race). This kid looked at me like I was shit, brushed me off (young me did not handle this as well as old me would have). I was a little upset that this kid was being a dick so I figured I would join their race. I was fairly certain the Camaro was going to win as I had raced the previous owner and it wasn't necessarily a slow car. I pulled up behind the Camaro when they lined up next to each other, when they launched I launched as well. It took me about two seconds to pass the Mustang, the look on the kids face was perfect, then I changed lanes and started to chase down the Camaro, it took a little longer but I caught and passed him as well. After the race the Mustang was nowhere to be seen but the Camaro followed me until I pulled over, the owner couldn't believe what happened, he didn't understand where I came from, he said he wanted to race me properly, I said to him that I had just beat him starting three cars behind him including a lane change and what was the point but he insisted, we went out and I laid waste to him.

My other story involves a kid who won a Viper RT-10 in a raffle, I convinced him to race me and I beat him by about two car lengths, when we pulled over he was sure my Talon had a twin turbo V6, I had to open the hood and have him count the spark plugs, that was a great win, that guy came up to me in a restaurant years later and started telling me that he had a headgasket issue and that's why he lost, it was pretty funny that I beat him so bad that years later he felt the need to tell me that.

I have video of both of these races but I don't think I should post it as I could probably get in trouble. It's actually not that hard to believe, the Camaro was probably running low 13's and those old Viper RT-10's were slow as shit.

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