Men of reddit, what's the most hurtful thing a girl has ever said to you?

I mentioned some scenarios below - but I tend to do stuff like this in a low key way. A bartender I used to work with called it ''emotional aikido'' you try and redirect as much as possible. If you are low key about it, people sometimes realize they are being shitty and correct themselves.

If a guy is hitting on a girl and I can tell she doesn't like it I will go over and make eye contact with her and ask her how her kids are. If you ask about a BF or husband most guys still keep hitting on her. Kids scare people off.

If one guy is being a big jerk - it's more often a guy - you refuse to make eye contact with him. You look everyone else in his group in the eye except him and he will start to settle down. It's like a herd instinct thing. People don't want to be excluded even if they don't realize they were being excluded.

If you ask people doing something like this gentleman says what they were doing and why they think doing something like that is funny in a completely innocent way, they often get the idea that it doesn't fly. Especially if you say ''why would you do something like that in my bar? You didn't ask me if that was ok...''

The most egregious one that comes to mind is these frat guy types who said they were ''pig hunting'' when they kept coming back to my part of the bar after going around and finding big girls to hit on. They were in a competition and being pretty crude and obvious about I shut it down, handed them their cards and told them to leave.

But I am kind of old fashioned. I will correct people when they are too sloppy in their affections - it's not ok to finger bang or dry hump at the bar. I don't like it when people take pictures of me or others without permission. Younger people are often a little baffled by the idea that not every one subscribes to the idea that you give up all privacy when you are in public. Legally, maybe that is true.

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