MEN: What insecurities do you often see in women that men couldn’t care less about?

Nope, I'm just a loser working towards my MD at Pritzker hoping eventually be where you are. But it's been drilled into me over the years and in my undergrad just how pervasive poverty is and how financially not-well-off the majority of people in the USA are. I know better than to make the completely incorrect statement that getting elective surgery is just a matter of "working more to afford it" and I would lose a good amount of respect for any doc that made light of the plight of millions upon millions of the nation's poor.

And of course medicine is a business. The services it offers not everyone can afford. In truth, there are many, many people who can't, prompting to never buy from the business. That's reality. Not taking it into account even a tiny, tiny bit when you advise patients is a bit irresponsible. Grow up.

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