[Meta] The Ageplay Conundrum

Oh my god this thread summarizes everything that is wrong with this entire sub.

Look - you either are cool with the sexualization of children or you aren't. You either think that there are bright lines, uncross-able lines, or you don't. You either agree that there are some sexual practices that are deviant, dangerous and pathological or you do what the mods do in here, play this bullshit hippie everything-is-all-okay-because-we-don't-want-to-judge. And thus, the so-called "mods" in here don't want to offend anyone at all about anything.

Fuck you.

There are pedophiles in here, there are child molesters in here. Read the posts. Some of those are not fantasy. Clearly. Raping children, chaining them up, pimping them out. There are posts with links to images of clearly underage topless girls in them and the mods do nothing. The rules are (supposedly) don't ask for underage in the prompts, look it says that right over there, no one under 18. and yet is is apparently 15% of the posts in her. Because the mods suck. Is it a fucking rule or isn't it? THEN FUCKING ENFORCE IT. Assholes.

The mods in this subreddit suck bad because they don't mod. You are with out a doubt offering a place for pedophiles and child molesters to freely congregate and chat about their pathology and yea, probably exchange material that is illegal. Duh.

All this intellectual justification and jacking off about censorship in here is classic sophomore philosophy class bullshit.

Fuck you, grow a pair and blacklist any underage sexualization of children at all. PERIOD. Fuck your bullshit its-all-okay because it is fantasy attitude about molesting children, fantasy or otherwise. Yea, I am judging, fuckin' a right I am. You want to fuck a 12 year old, fuck you, in the real world people like you even get killed in prison. For a god damn reason. You are fucked up. Mods, take a god damn stand about something, fucking anything, you fucking pussies. You are seriously worried about offending a child molester or afraid this is going to mark you as some kind of censors??? Oh, its about you???? Fuck, you suck. Slippery slope, what the fuck ever, no its not. Drop the hammer and anyone asking for sex with a minor, under 18, ban them and delete their post. Do your one fucking job. Or whatever, live with creating an environment friendly to child molesters and pedophiles and I don't want to hear how hard that is for you, fuck off, do something about it, person that can do something about it.

It ain't that fucking hard a problem, moral dilemma or thought experiment if you have ever met, know, or talked to someone who has been the victim of this in real life. Bunch of intellectual jack offs.

I will take my ban now, thank you. Totally fucking worth it.

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