[META] How do you deal with discouragement? (Discussion)

I'd say I'm in similar situation like you but here's some advice, stuff I learned when using this subreddit:

  1. Don't give up. If you have time you WILL eventually find a person to talk to (for you that'll be probably female). It will take hours, days maybe even weeks - but one day someone will agree for something long term and will actually like you. from my statistics (from the perspective of straight male):

    ~20% posts are made by females

    ~50% of these posts will interest you

    ~50% of them will target you (Anyone or Male)

    ~30% will respond

    ~10% will wish to continue (won't cut off the response)

    As you can see your chances are slim but they are definitely there.

  2. Be emphatic. Focus on what the other person likes/dislikes and try to deliver just that (you likely will have similar kinks to some degree, otherwise you don't want to contact them in the first place)

  3. Do not focus on yourself. Don't tell the other person your kinks/preferences and don't talk about your personal life (unless you are prompted to - then do so).

  4. If you aren't sure about something - ask. If you want to know how the other person is doing - do so, but don't overdo it. Being "too nice" can be really annoying.

  5. Respect them. Don't do anything harsh to them, definitely don't insult them (that doesn't apply to RP though).

That's about what I can say. Feel free to learn from it/ignore it. Take care.

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