[META] Regarding Haul Posts

Let me preface this by saying that I think a bi-weekly thread is a great idea! Those who enjoy haul posts, like myself, can enjoy them without shaming or remarks from those who don't. Those who dislike them can avoid the thread and have a more pleasant experience. Win win for all.

My concern is that we're talking about regulating a certain discussion to a certain thread at a certain time. I realize that with a group this large, you have to have rules. Those rules will expand and change as the group does, and evolving to suit the current atmosphere is always a good thing! It just seems like stuff like this comes up on a regular basis. Everyone decides they can't stand newbie posts, so we start pushing threads that are good for newbies, or respond with a few terse lines about doing a board search and not cluttering the subreddit with amateur questions. Now we don't like haul posts, so we regulate them and shove them into a bi-weekly thread. I don't mean this to be rude, or ungrateful, or bitchy. I've just been involved in too many groups and subreddits who start on this downward slide of strict regulation and rules, and before you know it, the group ceases to be enjoyable for anyone.

I've learned SO much from this subreddit. I knew next to nothing about indies before I joined here, so thank you all for introducing me to this amazing world of indies! I've learned application techniques and perfected skills that I thought were beyond me. More importantly, I've seen grace under fire in some of the controversial threads, and I've gained great respect for many brand owners and bloggers after seeing their humility, responsibility, and honesty reflected in their posts and their business practices. I don't want to lose that because somewhere down the line the rules become stifling.

Wow, what a novel of a post! I hope that sharing my mind freely and honestly doesn't earn me downvotes or animosity. I wholeheartedly support the mods doing what's best for the group, and if someday I decide to be more of a lurker than I already am, it won't be much of a loss for everyone else, I'm sure.

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