(Meta Thread) It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

But the counter to this is it's silly to believe that there's two equally valid sides to every story.

I guess not? If I drop a stone from my hand, will it fall to the ground? Will it float up? Let's discuss. Surely there are two sides to this story. Just like with Trump. We are quickly approaching /r/politics this way. They find a new Trump story every day that reveals that he is unfit for office. Whoopsy Daisy! Let's have a circle jerk. Outrage porn ftw!

Or have it the other way around. Find some talking points from the GOP media that try and cloud around the obvious.

I am sorry, but this is stupid.

The more I discuss this, the more I am still convinced that the whole Trump thing should be excluded from this sub. Just put a ban on everything concerning the US executive from 2015 onward. There are still lots and lots of things to discuss. International politics, social media, Congressional politics, regional politics, ...

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