Mil to Mil BAH Double-dip may go away.

Understood. I was just putting my opinion up as to how I feel it would work better for the military as a whole.

And you hit my point of off-setting the cost off base of living quarters being the purpose (paying for a house/apartment)... which I was pointing out should not based on how many service members are living there but how many people. So my idea was not to NOT compensate (as it is a right) but rather to stop overcompensating.

Logically (not speaking of rights here) a house is a house, and two people are two people. They take up relatively the same amount of space and resources... so compensate, don't overcompensate. Mil-to-mil could get a full BAH with dependents by either giving one whole or two halves... they could get a full BAH without dependents same way... they still get the allowance.

As it stands, they get one full with dependents and one half without dependents... so the only thing that is being complained about here is the fact that they won't get as much money to pocket anymore as they already don't get two full BAH with dependents as each should have the right to (if either left the military then the other would get full BAH with dependents).

Why not give both members full BAH w/ dependent rate? I mean they both are married AND have dependents. They individually have that right, yes? But only one can claim dependents, so only one gets full.

But it is not my job to fix the issues in finance... I do computer stuff.

tl;dr calm down guys, it is just an opinion.

My wife did work on base as a civilian and made about that of an AB... no benefits. Had to pay state taxes for her but not for me though we are from the same state (active duty pays no state tax in Arkansas). We just PCSd so she is now just a mommy at home not working.

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