Millennials vs. baby boomers: Why the cost of living has skyrocketed for young Canadians

Just to be clear, I wasn’t trying to downplay your point of view and I apologize if that’s how it came across. Yes, there are lots of things messed up with how we live these days. But there’s also a flip side — there always is — and sometimes a step back to reframe is helpful. We live in an age of great riches and an environment that is still livable. We’re almost surely the last generation to be able to enjoy these things in such an unbridled and carefree way. We have access to more information for free than any of our forebears. If possible, use that to skill up and be more mobile. If you have certain skills that are in-demand today, there are so many places in the world — including our neighbor to the south — that would welcome you and be able to give you the kind of life you want. (I can give you some pointers about software development if you wanna get into that. I’ve met Uber drivers and restaurant servers getting into the tech industry. There’s so much demand that if you have the wherewithal and dedication to sacrifice your free time for ~1 year, I would seriously consider it. If programming is not your jam, I’m sure there are other skills that will pay well although I can’t personally speak to that due to not having experience).

As for the particular goal of having a family, I’d really think long and hard about that. The next decade will see great socioeconomic upheavals and turmoil across the globe as the effects of climate change finally start to manifest in a more tangible and widespread way and our species puts on a surprised pikachu face. I see people who are willing to adapt and be mobile as being the most resilient. Not having a family and children will be a very real benefit. Just something to think about.

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