Model 3 vs Rivian R1T interior. Which one do you like?

Problem is, a 60k Tesla still has the same interior.

Sure, but still a weird comparison. Here's their line-ups:

Tesla - Model S - Large Luxury Sedan ($75k+) - Model X - Large Luxury SUV ($81k+) - Model 3 - Mid-Size Premium Sedan ($35k+)

Rivian - R1T - Large Luxury Truck ($69k+) - R1S - Large Luxury SUV ($72.5k+)

So you're guna compare the large luxury truck at $69k starting price to the mid-size premium sedan at $35k starting price just because you can almost option up the Model 3 performance trim to the truck starting price?

Why not just compare the S/X to the R1T/S? Those vehicles actually have a huge overlap on price. Especially considering Rivian will be selling most of their R1T/S vehicles for closer to $100k than $69k. Heck, they aren't even planning to sell the base model battery until a year after the more expensive trims.

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