Do you think modern feminism would be viewed positively by more young guys, if feminist movements did more to combat issues concerning men?

It is about achieving equality through women's rights and combating gender roles.

If it's about achieving equality then inequalities affecting both genders should be addressed. If all the issues affecting women are addressed and solved, and men's issues ignored, then there will still be inequality.

That helps men too. What men's issues exist that are not the result of restrictive gender roles?

This is an assumption. A lot of issues affecting women have been addressed and they're making great progress in helping them, but the issues affecting men haven't seen any improvement.

If you can name some, why should feminists split up their focus when people concerned with these issues are perfectly capable of doing the work themselves?

Because every feminist claims feminism to be about equality. If you only want to focus on women's issues that's perfectly fine and I accept and support that, but if this is the case then feminists shouldn't claim to be about gender equality when they're about women's rights.

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