This is ‘modern masculinity’ in a nutshell lmaooo declining birth rates tell us you aren’t in demand ‘bro’

It’s like this bitter dweeb I used to know from college who got increasingly red pilled & creepy so I cut him off as a friend (spoiler: he’s still doing terrible in the women dept - no surprise there !).

He would constantly go on obnoxious rants about how women would ignore him (he’s delusional, creepy, arrogant & rapey as fuck- I’m not surprised). For some reason these red pilled clowns seem to gravitate to me, because they find me attractive they think I’m not feminist and just align with their fucked up views lol. Could they be speaking to a worse candidate?

He started talking all that horse crap about how women belong in the home & are making the workplace too competitive etc but he gets bitchy about buying a woman a round of drinks loooool! He gets the hump over paying for one single date!

These men constantly rant about the need for stay at home mothers but they DO not want to pay for them & be held to traditional male standards! Also I would not trust them even if they did , it’s a dog whistle for : ‘I’m so low value I need to financially manipulate a woman into staying with me’.

They can’t outright say that in 2021 so these bitter red pill types hide behind the innocent notion that they ‘just want a traditional family’ ...where you pay half their bills until they got on- then they trap you with babies & make you financially dependent on their abusive asses.

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