money tips

In the financial world, the phrase "buying power" has two meanings. One is the amount of money a person can use to invest in securities (and that can include money the investor borrows in order to buy securities) .

The other more common definition is the quantity of goods or services that money can buy. the second definition is going to be our reference for this explanation

Any industry depends on its (potential) customers’ buying power for support: washing machine manufacture is only possible if there is a market of people who can afford their product; luxury goods such as mega-yachts exist because there are mega-rich people to buy them. So in this regard I am saying that we should limit our buying power, or never show our buying it is best if we don't to spend just because we need to feel good instead we should invest the money in whatever that will bring in more money for us like owning a business or investing with this we can keep our money in check. firms and industries will always find a way to make us show our buying power because that's the only way they can make profits.

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