More than 200 Canadian coaches convicted of sex offences against minors since 1998, investigation reveals - Expert says CBC investigation 'tip of the iceberg,' calls for 'massive reform across the sport system'

Its a men in positions of authority problem. One by one institution after institution is shown to be rife with evil child molesting men.

It's not a male problem, women sexually abuse children and children sexually abuse other children

Are you aware that research into sexual deviance says that sexual crimes against children perpetrated by women could be the most under-reported of all crimes, simply because most women pedophiles attack their own children and not just boys either, they are specially nasty to their little girls. Because children are often too young to report their mother or to even understand they are being abused, researcher think the that number of cases could be really high. (PDF file)

Children also sexually abuse other children and the prevalence is uncertain because the crimes are never reported.

As many as 40% of children victim of sexual abuse have been sexually abused by other children.

Facts about children sexual abuse:

  • 10% of the accused were strangers –  Strangers were more likely to assault older children/youth between the ages of 12 and 17 than younger children (80% of stranger assaults were perpetrated against this older age group).
  • 75% of the accused were known to the child/youth.
  • Of those known, 33% were family members (97% were male relatives – 37%  male extended family members, 35% fathers, 27%  brothers), and 42% were acquaintances of the child/youth.
  • Acquaintances were more likely than family members to assault older children and younger children were more at risk for assault by a family member.
  • Risk from peers increases for youth aged 12 to 17 – 25% of the accused for this age group were ages 12 to 24.  (Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, 2010).

Child sexual abuse is not only a male problem, it is a human sexuality management problem that spans all ages and all genders.

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