The most compelling discovery/realisation I have had concerning /r/theredpill and the facade the users try to maintain and the fantasy they live- the manospheres star signs. Also discoveries on the roots of TRP and the mentality of the users.

You know I was wondering where all the new subscribers came from. When I first started lurking, 6 months ago, there where 50-40k I think? Now there are over 100k, it scared me a bit to be completely honest. But now it all makes sense. I used to visit r9k back then as well but there were no mentions of trp at all. Now I see at least two. Now it makes a bit more sense. The part you wrote about different communities migrating to trp is really fascinating actually. It shows once again that trp is whatever the user wants it to be. It is the supposed truth (and trp is founded on the idea that there is a objective truth), but the truth depends on the user. It's ironic how they accuse others of reasoning with emotions (also: as if that is a bad thing!). Arguments like that are pretty common now that I think about it, especially about what is alpha and not. One time someone was saying you shouldn't play video games or watch anime because it's beta. Then someone else was saying that you can literally do what you want as long as you do it with confidence.

The weird thing about the people who hate normies on 4chan is that they don't want to associate with other people like them either. I can't count how many times I've seen people there mocking people they've met in real life who tried to talk to them about anime and memes and stuff. I read a thread like that today actually. Someone was furious that someone at their workplace had noticed they liked anime and tried to talk to them about it. Everyone in the thread was mocking the colleague. I'm guessing that's another way to feel superior, they're part of this secret club who's so much more enlightened than all of these norms, but that behavior is a bit puzzling to me.

I think I went off on a tangent there. Like you said, it seems a lot of them aren't doing anything to improve themselves. The fact that some of them choose to label themselves as omegas says it all. I mean, what does saying "I belong to the most useless group, I'm someone who has no contact with women" accomplish? It's not like they're recognizing that they have little success as a first step, their entire point IS that they're supposedly repulsive to women. Entitlement plays a big part I think. They're telling the world their problem and expecting something to happen. For women to suddenly open their eyes to the poor lonely guy and see how amazing he really is.

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