Most people claim climate change is #1 issue, but in reality having a job, roof over their heads, food for themselves/family will always come first.

Why would you want to think for yourself instead of listening to scientists? You listen to science when you are sick, you believe in gravity, nuclear science etc. But with your laymen knowledge of climate science you believe you should think for yourself? LOL

The climate has changed naturally throughout earths history but never this quickly. It's simple, we know that greenhouse gases increase the temperature by trapping heat, . Humans are releasing a tremendous amount of it that has been trapped underground into the atmosphere. We put out way more than any natural sources, yes even volcanoes.

This isn't some 'hot spell' it's a warming of the global atmosphere and oceans and it will have terrible effects for most people down the road. Some areas will actually be better off like parts of Canada and Russia but for the rest it will destabilize them and cause massive refugees. It will be tolerable for some decades but eventually it will be too much.

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