[MrMobile] Galaxy Watch 3 Review: Ticking (Most Of) The Right Boxes

Everyone who has and uses a smartwatch has their own use cases, but for me personally, it’s a convenience thing, especially in cases where I do not or cannot have access to my phone. Sure it’s not 100 percent necessary to have, but it’s still very nice to have especially when I don’t have my phone.

It’s extremely useful for when I’m in a crowded bus and cannot reach my phone in my pocket if I want to control my music and see my notifications or text. It’s useful when I’m in meetings or class when I can’t access my phone. It’s situations like these where I don’t have my phone on me, but I still need access to information.

Since it’s also a fitness device, it’s a good way to keep track of fitness data as well. Since it’s still a watch, I can use it as part of an outfit.

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