MRW I realize the bans get lifted soon and tomorrow's going to be one huge clusterfuck of pent-up meta bullshit

Oh, is tomorrow the deadline for some invisible rule that says I can't talk about the way in which Tony Stark snaps his fingers in an Iron Man suit styled gauntlet to kill Thanos and ends up dying because of the power of the infinity stones online? Because I was under the impression that I didn't actually give a fuck to begin with and if you cared so much about that movie that it was going to cause an emotional breakdown having it ruined you ought to have taken some personal responsibility and seen it within the first 24 hours if you were prone to screeching, failing students or threatening to physically hurt someone because of it. Didn't see it in the first 24 hours? Ok, fair enough. You've got shit to do. I get it. Then, the weekend comes and goes. Now it's fucking Tuesday and there's still some invisible time line? Fuck yourselves, and the horses you rode in on.

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