MRW I see someone damaged my car in my apartment complex and didn't leave a note.

If anyone could help me with my options that'd be great!

-Story time-

So I'm usually out of town for training on weekdays using a rental car. I came back this weekend to visit my significant other and parked my rental car close to my complex while my actual car is parked in the back next to no one else. I drove by my car when I arrived on the weekend so I know it was fine. My significant other and I hang out and go to bed around 11 pm. About 12am I wake up to screaming and shouting in the parking lot. The shouting sounds like a young couple, which is odd because the complex is a bit upscale and I've literally never heard anyone before. The shouting gets louder and I hear them coming up my stairwell. They argue loudly in the hallway before going into an apartment. I just thought it was weird and wanted to get back to sleep. Not even 2 minutes later they are back in the hallway screaming and shouting and running down stairs. I look out my window to see them in the parking lot, NEXT TO MY CAR. There is also a large white SUV parked next to my car which appears to be one of theirs. I panicked a bit and didn't know what to do. I wanted to call the cops but I thought that might have been extreme. In hindsight I should have hit my car alarm to get them away from it. I listen in to them fighting some more while I lay in bed freaking out about what I should do. My significant other won't wake up and started talking in his native language so I decided not to bother him. At this time I hear a struggle for the girl to get in her car. Some car door slamming, more yelling, and then the girl absolutely FLIES out of the complex at top speeds. The guy continues to yell after she left and he's alone...

The next morning I notice a HUGE dent in my back passenger door and some paint missing. Possibly a $700+ repair when comparing it to local dent repair places. I'm pretty furious as I take good care of my stuff and I paid special attention to park next to no one else...

Now the weird part. I scoured the parking lot looking for someone with red paint on a white SUV. I didn't find anything. Sunday night comes along and I'm leaving to go back to the town my training is at. I notice the white SUV! There's someone in it though. I tell my boyfriend to just check it after I leave for damage. He checks it 3 hours later and it has moved to the spot from the special night. The girl is also still in there. For four days now, we've looked out to see this car in the same spot. It only shows up after like 8pm and leaves around 2 am. The girl is always in there texting and smoking. Never seems to come out. It seems very shady.

Any advice?

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