Islam Rant: Incredibly Frustrating

I think thats sorta the point, not that he means it but to bring up the point.

As far as iv figured out after years of studdying the kuran and been whit alot of muslims, they all seem to agree that Sharia Law is nessessary and will vote for it to be in a contry.. and they also make sharia Law seem not to be as bad as it seems in some contrys.

But they will agree that apostasy must be punished for example, not by Death but what the sharia Law decides, same goes for everything else.

And when i question about what the sharia Law would decide, then some goes back over to the side of where it will be a Death sentence else People will be corrupted and leave islam when they chose to.. all the way to a sentence in jail for a few years where they will be forced to studdy the kuran so they can have their eyes openend that they were wrong.. of corse this ultimately leads to theres no other way other than to remain a muslim if one wants to Return to "normal" life.

I also have gotten some feeling about what isnt tollerated to be discussed as iv been stopped plenty of times just in my first part (that i talked about first).. but that iam not allowed to discuss these Things and if i talk about them negatively, then if sharia Law was in my contry this would be a reson that i should be put on trial.. of corse not everyone mentioned it or said it, but those that didnt just didnt want to talk about it.

And id say these were pretty honest statements from them.

And realy i have no right to talk about their religion.. my problem is just that it seems sharia Law is a nessessary addon for them, and they will vote for it, and that will lead to some of my freedoms taken away.. of corse since theyr still a minority in my contry i know it wont happend for a long time.. but also im not liveing in the biggest contry in the world and we do have alot of immigrants lately so i Guess it doesnt take too many votes to outvote Our lazy citicens.

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