My [21M] Dad[64M] is cheating on my mom[58F] And I don't know what to do.

Your early twenties are an exciting and potentially very confusing time. It can be so difficult to try to make the best decisions for your future, figure out who you are, seek a romantic partner, and keep your GPA up while your family is falling apart. When I was your age my parents divorced and it was super difficult for me. They both turned to me for support, shared details I didn't want to know, started new relationships, and it was so hard for me. I tried to try to take care of everyone else, went home on weekends and cleaned our house, worked in our yard, but in the end I was a mess and didn't help them in the least. Things just got worse and worse for all of us. You need to be (and create) your own healthy foundation now. Your hope and your future lie inside of you. Choose healthy, loving people as friends and make them your family of choice. Reach out to your professors, get an internship if you can. It may sound brutal, but my advice to you is to spend as little time with your parents as possible. I'm so sorry you're going through this experience. Go easy on yourself.

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