My [31F] boyfriend [31M] of 2 years shares custody of his dog with his ex and I'm having a hard time with it.

yes, we're both in relationships now - he's actually engaged now, I'm about to move in with someone new. like your boyfriend, my ex and I broke up 100% amicably and are good (maybe best) friends now and have been for awhile, so the only reason I said it was hilarious is because I've never thought about our situation from an outside perspective! I'm sure it does come off as super weird, but both of our SOs knew going into the relationship that this is how it was going to be. we made a life-long commitment to these animals that didn't end just because it's not convenient for one person anymore. so usually one or the other of us has them, but we "pet sit" for each other all the time, plan vet visits around who has the free time (so like, even if I had the dog, if my ex's schedule is more flexible, he'd be the one to take him to the vet if he's sick), share costs of medicine, etc. I'm about to move in with my SO who is allergic to cats, so that's with the understanding with my ex that I couldn't take in the cat anymore, which is kind of a downer, but everyone is on the same page. so maybe not for the rest of their lives - if one of us were to move away, we wouldn't institute a long distance pet custody situation or anything like that.

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