In my 60's - and that felt good!

Our little moments of validation. A few years ago n mom had a small insurance windfall due to a plumbing issue. E step dad decided to do the repairs himself (that’s an episode for another time). So with the money they decided to join a church mission trip, so it was divine intervention. They HATED the trip, but she decided upon returning to write it up as a contest entry for a popular religious magazine. There would be an awards banquet that autumn for the winners. Her hastily typed up story was fraught with narcissistic ramblings, she didn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell. A short time later an old friend of hers had called letting her know about a high school reunion luncheon back home. She literally told everyone she couldn’t go to the luncheon because of the awards banquet being the same weekend. I don’t think she ever heard boo from the magazine, knowing her she cancelled her subscription out of spite.

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