AITA? Potentially skipping wedding reception for other plans.

I picture people having tables and assigned seating at receptions, maybe that's not the case here? The covid thing makes sense but you'd still be exposed to this at the ceremony too.

I was at a wedding recently and a very pregnant friend of mine went to both but ceremony/reception were in the same building. She didn't do much dancing and left early which was to be expected.

I guess the two hours worth of extra driving would be enough for me to not want to go.

Something about seeing other friends instead feels a little wrong even though it's a better alternative than staying in your hotel room alone. I imagine the bride and groom would be upset if they found out you didn't attend the second part of their wedding but instead went to eat with a bunch of friends.

I can definitely see both sides of this better, thank you! It's a tricky one forsure!

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