My gf always makes me feel guilty

"surprisingly worked out" "I'm very independent person" "It's a guilt trip "you don't wanna spend time with me" "fcking adult and then I have an attitude" ( is what exactly??? You are not perfect as you think)

Any empathy?? Why you say surprisingly worked out? What are your past relationships?

You don't need to take a beef but you can take water or juice to spend time with her.

Like you said "I'm very independent person, I REALLY don't need anyone". Just leave her and be alone.

It takes two to be in a relationship and obviously you are not relationship material. So many toxic relationship out there but in your relationship it's you the problem. Grow up. Stop focusing on games, beer, gym but look at the bigger picture and how you contribute to your "problems" by being a loner. Not blame shifting to your girlfriend but only look at yourself.. or ideally go be alone if that's what you want!

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