My Husband became Vegan and making my life difficult.

I would tell your husband to join a vegan group on Facebook (with a lot of members) and make a post asking how they make things work with spouses that aren't vegan. Many couples have one vegan and one non-vegan partner and make it work.

How about trying to make more meals that are easy to add the meat to or substitute? Such as making tacos and you add in your meat and he can add in beans. Or spaghetti and you let him take his portion and add the meat after? Maybe even try getting a plant based cook book and try some meatless dairy-less meals and see if you can find some you like. Surely there has to be a few meals without meat and dairy you can tolerate to help you eat together as a family more. I really like the cookbook "I could never go vegan"

The dishes get washed so that should matter. We use the same pots pans dishes and silverware from before we went vegan.

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