I want my husband to breast feed our baby, am i crazy ?

Wait, hold on... you don't think a man breast feeding is natural. Yet, you're totally cool with formula? That doesn't make sense. Formula is perfectly healthy and comparable in nutritional value to a woman's breast milk. But, it isn't natural. Nature doesn't create synthetic formula. So, if you object to a man breast feeding because it isn't natural, then why is synthetic, man-made formula okay?

Besides... if a man can breast feed, then his breast milk was naturally created.

Let's assume the breast milk isn't naturally created. So, you take synthetic formula and inject it into a man's breast so that it can come out of the nipple. Okay, what's the difference between sucking synthetic formula out of a bottle or a man's nipple? It's the same thing. If a man can create breast milk, it's the same as a woman's. So, how is it more unnatural than feeding a baby formula from a bottle?

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