My issues with Halloween (2018)

Fair enough. I felt they explored her trauma quite well in H20, but here it just felt muddled and the "Rambo Laurie" felt both underdeveloped and at the same time, too extreme. But I get what you're saying.

I felt they talked about Myers as if he was a supernatural being who had gone on several killing sprees (like in all the other films) and not someone who killed several babysitters one night 40 years ago. They even tried to highlight this by having one of the teenagers joke about it ("didn't he only kill 5 people?") which felt more awkward than anything. 5 people is still a really big deal. I'm not saying otherwise. And I thought the kid's joke was insensitive. But it felt like it was in the script more because the rest of the movie kept the same character of Myers as all the other sequels. Even the way the doctor was obsessed with him. It just all felt too characterized around the established franchise's legendary Myers.

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