Did audiences really think the Blair Witch Project was real?

I was born in ‘99, but I didn’t see THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT until my early teens. Even though the mystique had been revealed, I wasn’t on the internet that often so I wasn’t aware that it wasn’t based on fact. I remember checking out the DVD from the local library, but they also had a “For Sale” section with used items. One of those items was the companion book for the movie. I forget what the name of the book was, but it acted as a non-fiction supplement for the movie making it seem as though it wasn’t fiction. It shook me until a few years later, when I found out it was all fiction. It’s moments like that which make me wish that we weren’t so involved with social media and the internet. Even though I don’t feel as terrified of the movie as I used to, it’s quite insane and impressive how effective the film was on launch. EVERYBODY was talking about it with minimal marketing required. Truly incredible.

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