My last roll of the dice has failed. Don’t know where to go from here

I wish I could tell you it’s an isolated incident, but experience has taught me otherwise. Every job I’ve held (7 now) after the first day almost every trainer/manager has said “you’ll be back tomorrow right?!” in that half-joking, half-serious tone and it makes me cringe each time. At my current job I knew in the first week I was never going to survive the atmosphere, then the ‘rona hit and it would have been suicide to throw myself back into the job market. I’ve always moved around thinking it’ll be a little better at the next place, but it never is. Businesses are always understaffed, managers are clueless or harsh, usually both, and any sense of joy or sense of creativity that could be had at work is destroyed by numbers goals, protocols, and the soul crushing ritual of seeing most people around you kiss ass endlessly in hopes of getting a slightly higher bonus or raise...and the expectation that you do the same, or you become a pariah/malcontent.

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