"My son will not be in a Gang, who ever has a problem come see me"

I admire his passion. We need to teach though, all of us and any who are ignorant (very different from stupid) must be informed. Thoughts turn to words, words turn to actions, and knowledge spurs thought. One with no thought cannot act properly or argue or act against any injustice, even when opponents are clearly wrong, if they cannot articulate it. This kid for example will seek to let his anger out, and I doubt could take in the full meaning of what his father meant, he saw that he was forced to yield by force. His father meant greatness for him, but he did not have an avenue to convey it that way. To quote Mr. Cube, "Fuck the police and Cube said it with Authority.." In recent years he and some like Ice T have announced their respect for law enforcement and what they do, but denounced the rouge elements. This translates to the truth which is, poverty and those that are low on the socioeconomic list are more often beaten and deprived of due process than those with means. Things changed for those who "came up", but not for all of the "Ice Cubes" and "Ice T's" that we will never know. I would ask those who made it to announce the truth, not fear being labeled a "sell out", or the like. Fuck those rouge police, fuck them indeed, but also say "fuck them" to all who seek to keep others down and out, wrapped in ignorance. Black, white, yellow, money is a game changer. Sir Charles (Barkley) attempts to speak of this and gets called a sellout by true bigots like Al Sharpton. No one denies injustice toward black, but voices that are credible to young black people (who truly do not know) fall short of rallying us all against a police state, brutality, and circumvention of our Constitutional liberties. This is a problem for us all, and it will never be overcome until the people of all races join to combat the war against those without money. Though it is concise and not to be translated to life verbatim, Tupac said it greatly, "Instead of a war on poverty, they got a War on Drugs so the police can bother me". Brutality and injustice know, no color barrier, it is just that we often see more blacks in "ghetto areas". Poor white areas, trailer parks, and financially weak races of all types are beaten and railroaded. High ranking out of touch white leaders need dismissed, and Jesse Jackson and al Sharpton need dismissed. All of three of latter's groups form divisions instead of bonds. The un-informed fail to see that many seek only to help themselves and their own pockets, and that the leaders propped up for main stream media are not really speaking for the vast majority of those who they purport to.

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